You’re Only Six Steps Away from Inspirational Video Production

Let’s Create Animation and Video Production You’ll be Proud to Share.

At Kohlitz, our goal is to help you create and produce effective videos to help with conversion and awareness for your business. Over a timeline of 6-8 weeks, we work with you through a six-step process to create a finished product you will be proud to share on your website and in your business.

Process & Timeline of Reviews & Payments


1. Identify Your Concept
Who’s your audience, and what’s your goal? Will this be a “Create What You Want” (script and storyboard)? Or a “Create With What You Have” (shoot interview footage and some b-roll and make some magic out it)? We’ll help you answer these questions to plan the foundation of your video.
2. Style
Style is an important aspect of staying consistent with your company’s branding and image. We want to ensure that your video blends in seamlessly with your brand, while effectively conveying the message you want to deliver.
3. Storyboard & Script
If this is a “Create What You Want” video, a storyboard, script, and concept art will be created for your approval. This is particularly important with animation.
4. Planning
Planning interview questions, shooting locations, hiring actors. This is particularly important with video.
5. Production
Let it begin! Video shooting, animating, and editing. We have two review periods throughout this stage, so you get a chance to give your feedback before the final edit.
6. Post-Production
Up to this point, we will have been using a scratch voice over so once you see the text along with the visuals, you can still change some wording. Once it’s locked down, we’ll help you pick out a voice-over actor, add music, sound design, and audio clean up for the final package.

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