Animation for Non-Profit Cause: Trellis

“People’s Choice” Promotional Animation – 30 seconds

Final Submission Explainer Animation – 3:30

Vital Seniors: A Community Innovation Competition brings Kohlitz on board to create animation for a non-profit cause

The Vital Seniors Community Innovation Competition is intended to catalyze and create enduring impact for the vulnerable senior citizens in our community and their caregivers by incentivizing innovation with grand prize money and assisting participants with crafting their idea. In the beginning of summer, ten finalists were selected. Each of the 10 finalist non-profit teams received a capacity grant of $20,000. Throughout the summer, the finalist teams participated in trainings, coach & mentor support, and technical assistance to develop their proposals. As part of their proposals, the finalists were required to supply two videos. One “People’s Choice” video that was to be 30 seconds in length, meant to be informative, engaging and compelling the public to vote for their project. And a second, longer video, called the “Final Submission Video” which gave each finalist an opportunity to further explain their proposed program and to complement their more detail-driven project plan. This is where Kohlitz was engaged to provide its skills and expertise for providing animation for these non-profits. The organizers of the Vital Seniors Competition, advertised Kohlitz to the finalists, as one of its video production company recommendations.

Trellis: Bringing technology, caregiving resources, and community together to help older adults continue to live a fulfilling life on their own terms.

Through this competition, Kohlitz got to be part of the wonderful team at Nonprofit Enterprise at Work, in partnership with The NewFoundry Their plan was to create a system that helped seniors with daily activities. It would provide older adults with access to personalized assistance, regardless of technology comfortable level, while providing caregivers with lighter workload and allowing organizations to serve older adults more effectively. The proposed name of the system was Trellis.

Creating an Animation for Non-Profit Cause: Trellis

Part of the reason New Foundry selected Kohlitz was becasue of our animation abilities. Since Trellis was only an idea at this stage, there was nothing physical about it to show off. Rather, we had to communicate the concept of what it would accomplish and why it was needed. Out of the 10 finalists, our team was the only one to opt for animation.
The next hurdle were the animations themselves. Since the People’s Choice video was meant to be voted on before the final selection, that meant the 30 second animation had to be made first. If we had the time, it would have been more efficient to create the longer 3-5 minute animation then work to trim it down to 30 seconds. Or, to work on both at the same time. But due to the condensed timeline and order of events, we had to start on the short animation first, finish it, then start the process again on the longer one. Not ideal but at least it followed Kohlitz’s typical animation process, script > storyboard and concept art > 75% animated review > add professional voice talent > 90% animated review > final animation. See, and print, a detailed graphic of our typical process here.


Producer & Script // The New Foundry
Illustration & Animation // Kohlitz
Voiceover // Rachael West

Transcript of the Final Submission Animation

All members of our community deserve a chance at a good and happy life. They want to feel connected to others and live life on their own terms.

For many, technology plays a huge role in making this kind of life possible. It has the power to instantly connect us with the people we love and the
resources we need.

Unfortunately, technology also brings its own set of challenges. And sometimes it seems to change so fast that it’s hard to keep up. It can become an obstacle that is difficult to overcome for many of us as
we age.

At New Foundry, we are a team of innovators, strategists, designers, and software engineers
all driven by one common purpose: to forge big ideas.

Introducing Trellis. A big idea that was inspired by our own experiences and our relationships
with loved ones.

We created Trellis to accomplish the audacious goal of making technology accessible to everyone.

And we’ve partnered with some of the most vital nonprofit organizations in our community to help realize our vision.

So what is Trellis? Who is it for? And what can it do?

Trellis is a connection hub for older adults, their caregivers, and the organizations that serve them.

It breaks down obstacles for even our most vulnerable older adults and makes technology accessible through the common telephone.

With Trellis, older adults can just pick up any phone, dial a number and then ask for what they need. Trellis can help folks handle all sorts of things…from making appointments…to getting transportation…
meal services, and more.

Plus, Trellis is even smart enough to know when it’s time to reconnect with loved ones. It provides heartfelt reminders to call, reducing isolation and increasing independence with the touch of a button.

Caregivers of older adults love Trellis because it is designed to lighten workloads while reducing worry and burnout. Since Trellis provides so much help to older adults, caregivers spend less
time on routine tasks.

Plus, a secure, HIPAA-compliant dashboard makes it easy to see daily activities and provide just the right level of support. Caregivers receive instant notification of things like missed refills or calls that are answered from suspicious phone numbers so they never have to worry about anything falling through the cracks.

Trellis helps senior-serving organizations in our community by reducing workload and streamlining operations.

When an older adult uses Trellis to ask for something, it consults a secure, HIPAA-compliant database and profile information to decide how to route the call.

This reduces the number of misdirected calls and lowers overall call volumes, conserving resources for other high-touch, high-value needs.

And when a call does come into an organization, Trellis provides a complete picture of the caller’s situation and history, helping zero in on the problem and provide help faster than ever

But the real strength of Trellis comes from the connections we are building. Connections between older adults, caregivers, and the organizations that serve them. Connections between innovative companies and nonprofits in our community.

By coming together and making Trellis a reality, we are building a vital network of support and care for the benefit of all.

Trellis. Technology for a life well lived.

Trellis People's Choice and Final Submission Animations
Trellis People's Choice and Final Submission Animations

Trellis provides older adults with access to personalized assistance, regardless of technology comfortable level, while providing caregivers with lighter workload and allowing organizations to serve older adults more effectively.