Kaiser Optical Explainer and Map Animations

Explainer and Map Animation for Kaiser Optical

Working with Video & Internet Stuff (VIS) , Kohlitz created an explainer and map animation for Kaiser Optical to support VIS’s amazing video that they shot and edited to present at the inauguration of Kaiser Optical’s new building. See the full video from beginning to end as created by VIS

Creating the Explainer

Kasier Optical is a world leader in Raman Spectroscopy but not many people outside the chemistry field don’t know what Raman Spectroscopy is. Knowing that the audience at the inauguration would be a diverse one, VIS brought on Kohlitz to create an explainer animation that illustrates what it is and how it’s beneficial. Kohlitz worked with both VIS and Kaiser Optical to understand the process and to create an explainer animation that was aesthetically in line with Kaiser Optical’s existing branding. We did this by meeting with Kaiser, (not-to-mention, seeing their cool new building and equipment!), learning all we could about Raman Spectroscopy, drawing a storyboard as based on a script provided by VIS and creating concept art for Kaiser and VIS to approve beforehand. This was all to assure that we were representing Raman Spectroscopy correctly and consistent with how Kaiser Optical uses it. There after, we were able to create the animation and was even able to accommodate script changes to the explainer with ease.

Creating the Map Animation

Kaiser Optical, an Endress+Hauser Company, has locations all over the world but rather than dully list the multitude of locations, VIS recognized that we could quickly convey the global scope of Kaiser Optical through a map animation that highlighted all the points. The viewer can quickly grasp that Kaiser Optical has a wide reach.


Producer & Director // Video & Internet Stuff
Illustration & Animation // Kohlitz
Script // Kaiser Optical
Voiceover // Keith Anderson

Explainer Animation Transcript

Our innovative products revolutionized a chemical analysis technique, called Raman spectroscopy, and enabled it beyond the academic laboratory.
Raman spectroscopy uses light to gain insight into chemistry. Raman is a technique that uses scattered light to observe vibrational, rotational, and other low-frequency modes of a molecule. The technique is commonly used to provide a fingerprint by which molecules can be identified.
At Kaiser Optical Systems, we use lasers to create scattered light for measurement or molecules. When a beam of light strikes molecules in its path, the light scatters.
Sometimes when light scattering occurs, the light changes in color.
Raman spectroscopy measures that change in color and uses that information to understand different properties of a molecule.
Our products collect and describe properties that are otherwise invisible.
For example…
Raman can measure the concentration of medicines in a tablet or pill, ensure the quality of microchips used in computers, or quantify the strength of plastic packaging materials. .

Map Animation Transcript

For these reasons, Kaiser is a trusted partner with leading petrochemical, chemical, polymer and life science manufacturers around the world.

Kaiser Optical Explainer and Map Animations
Kaiser Optical Explainer and Map Animations

Knowing that the audience would be a diverse one, VIS brought on Kohlitz to create an explainer animation that illustrates what raman spectroscopy is.