Explainer Animation for Timeline Facilities Management

Timeline Explainer Animation

The Timeline Animation is a good example of how an explainer animation can help visualize the big picture in which a service or product can help solve problems. Timeline is an application that facilitates successful day to day decision making using real-time data analysis and optimization by automating field service, increasing collaboration among employees, partners, suppliers, and clients, and helping to make informed decisions at the moment of awareness. We could have taken screen capture footage of the app but the goal of this animation was to bring these concepts to life, to give visuals to the problems Timeline can solve, and to help the audience, particularly facility managers, see in their own fields how Timeline could improve their own day-to-day job. Also, it doesn’t hurt if the product is still in development so pictures can’t be taken of it đŸ˜‰

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Animation // Kohlitz.com
Voiceover // Conner Evans


Today’s Facility Managers face increased pressure to do more with less.

As a result, an increasing number of Organizations are taking an integrated approach to the delivery of Facility Services.

So, how does today’s Facility Manager provide a better service with more accountability for a lower cost?

Welcome to Timeline.

Timeline gives Facility Managers and their Clients access to reliable facilities data allowing them to make strategic decisions in real time.

Say you’re responsible for the operations and maintenance of multiple Facilities.

With recent budget reductions, you cannot be everywhere and with everyone at once.

With Timeline, you can maintain accountability of your staff through autonomous, location-based activity tracking.

You can stay connected to your staff and keep informed of the operations remotely throughout the day.

For example, if an employee is a no-call, no-show, Timeline will notify you and immediately allow you to dispatch a replacement, providing you with location updates.

And if a building suffers a major incident, such as a pipe break.

You can use Timeline to communicate up and down the organizational chart using the photo, video, and chat functionality.

Timeline can also help Facilities Executives keep a pulse on operations.

Say you’re accountable for the management of millions of square feet serviced by several hundred employees.

You set strategic goals and measure the organization’s performance using Key Performance Indicators.

Instead of painstakingly compiling information from multiple, often unreliable sources, only to end up with it all outdated…Timeline allows, you, your team, and your clients to track KPIs in real-time allowing you to make adjustments and outperform their targets.

With Timeline, operational silos are eliminated forever through engagement and alignment of individuals at all layers of the organization.

Increasing accountability, collaboration, and execution.

Timeline works seamlessly across all types of devices.

Role-based access allows all stakeholders to see the data that is relevant and necessary for their job.

Cloud-based storage means data is accessible 24/7, providing increased transparency in facility operations.

Timeline – Reliable Results. In Real-time.

We love to support our local community <3 Timeline is a start up based in Detroit, Michigan.

Timeline Facilities Management Explainer Animation
Timeline Facilities Management Explainer Animation

The Timeline Animation is a good example of how an explainer animation can help visualize the big picture in which a service or product can help solve problems.