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What Inspires You?

Every year in Ann Arbor, the Diversity Allies Inspire event takes place. It’s a joyous event that celebrates diversity in their workplace, encourages people to interact with those they may never have connected with before and highlights distinct individuals in their own community. In this inspire video, participants talk about heartens them and why it is so significant that their employer provides this event for them.


Interview Video & Editing // Kohlitz
B-roll and Steadi-cam Shooting // Jenna Kulhawik
Location // Weber’s Inn


What inspires me is…
What inspires me is a good success story.
People inspire me, art inspires me, learning new things inspires me.
And I will forever be inspired by the bravery of others.
So what inspires me is really my son, everything that I do is for my son.
It’s kind of cheesy but probably Broadway musicals are the thing that inspires me most.
What inspires me really is seeing and being around the success of others, my peers, my colleagues, my mentors and those that I look to be.

What inspires me is events and things like this, honestly. People coming together to celebrate their similarities and their differences to find common ground and really appreciate that in each other. I think that leads to a lot of empathy and kindness. That the world really desperately needs and really brings people together and that’s the type of thing that really inspires me, honestly.
I think this event is important because it’s a chance for, basically for people at Google to come together and recognize the importance of inclusion and seeing where people are coming from. It’s interesting because like we work at a company that touts these values as a very important but it’s hard sometimes to see the actual activities we do and the way it’s actually put into action.

I think this event is important, having a family obviously here, it’s important that they understand the stories that are different from theirs and those where there may be some similarities and that they can continue to learn from other stories.
So my mom cut hair growing up and so these type of events never happened to her I just never heard her coworkers’ stories, you know there wasn’t a place she was able to share her story and feel comfortable at work and so for me to be able to come to work and share pieces of myself and hear my coworkers’ stories, exhilarating.

This event is important to me since it’s very affirming to know that each and every person that comes to Google isn’t somehow inspiring, has their own story, has their own path. And no matter how we got here we all have the same goal and the same vision and a lot of that is to collaborate and support each other so knowing I can bring my full self to work and that’s appreciated and celebrated and people are inspired by that I couldn’t ask for anything better.


Inspire Video
Inspire Video

In this inspire video, participants talk about heartens them and why it is so significant that their employer provides this event for them. Shot and edited by Kohlitz Animation and Video Production in Ann Arbor, Michigan