Introductory and Welcome KONCENTER Coaching English and Spanish Videos

KONCENTER Coaching Welcome Video in English

Presenting Koncenter Coaching in English and Spanish Videos

Koncenter Coaching is a multicultural, diverse group of coaches, consultants and specialists with years of industry and academic experience, capitalize on the individualized strengths of the team to provide professional coaching and consulting for individuals in career transition and for small teams and their leaders.

KONCENTER Coaching approached Kohlitz about creating several videos that would feature KONCENTER’S founder, Katiuska Luna Cancalon, speaking to the audience as she introduces and explains her company in both English and Spanish videos. The first video is a 1 minute, quick introduction to KONCENTER. The second video is a more in depth video that welcomes potential clients by comparing their process with the event of a neuron firing off an action potential. The neuron reference is no random choice, before her professional coaching career Katiuska was trained neuroscientist.

Creating the KONCENTER Coaching English and Spanish Videos

Katiuska wrote the scripts and Kohlitz shot, edited and animated the graphics. We chose a solid white background to convey the professionalism Katiuska and her team conduct in their business and shot the video with two camera angles adding more dimension to the final videos. As a first for Kohlitz, we used a teleprompter to assure Katiuska could recite all her lines, in English and Spanish. In the editing phase, a storyboard and concept art was created for the animation which KONCENTER then approved. With all the parts needed, Kohlitz edited together the best takes along with animation for the welcome videos and selected stock music that had a “science-y” feel to it to further emphasize KONCENTER scientific method of approaching career transition coaching.

Several Firsts

These videos were exciting to do because they gave Kohlitz several firsts and therefore skills we can now offer to future clients. They are:
Use of a teleprompter – many of our videos are interview style but for the client who has an exact script they would like to recite, a teleprompter is a wonderful tool
Spanish Translation – Katiuska translated her own script and we were able to feed that into the teleprompter as well. Since the video was scripted, we were able to edit it fairly easily.
Subtitles – while not included here, we did create additional versions of theses videos that had subtitles. The purpose here was for a trade show KONCENTER was attending where it wasn’t guaranteed anyone would be able to hear the videos. So we created subtitles for both the English and Spanish videos.

See the rest of the English and Spanish Videos below

KONCENTER Coaching Introductory Video in English

KONCENTER Coaching Introductory Video in Spanish

KONCENTER Coaching Welcome Video in Spanish


Script and Talent: Katiuska Luna Cancalon
Producer, Director, Editor: Kohlitz


KONCENTER Coaching Welcome Video in English

Welcome to KONCENTER, and congratulations on wanting to take a pro-active role in your career transition!

As the CEO and Founder of KONCENTER, I want to personally thank you for considering our team to assist you with your career transition needs.

Trained as a neuroscientist, I have always been interested in brain mechanisms and the complexity of human behaviors. Throughout my work in basic research, I realized that what truly inspires me is empowering highly skilled individuals to reach their full potential. That is why I founded KONCENTER.

We are an interdisciplinary and multicultural team passionate about helping people realize their full potential by exploring the possibilities.

As you consider partnering with us, you may be curious to learn more about our process. Given my extensive background in neuroscience, and my passion in working with people, I would like to share our customer experience with you by making the connection between neuroscience and our career transition approach.

Let’s think about a very simplified model of a neuron. This neuron has three main components:
1) The cell body
2) The axon hillock
3) And the axon

Let’s start talking about the first component as it relates to our clients.

The cell body contains all of the information, direction and preparation that the cell requires for an action potential.

Similar to the process that occurs in the cell body, the first phase of our work with our clients DEFINES the stage for action planning. During this stage, our clients explore their strengths and development opportunities. Then they DEFINE their goals and priorities and align those with their personal and professional vision.

The second component of the neuron is the axon hillock. Once all of the pieces from the cell body come into place, this is where the action potential starts. In our work with our clients, this is where we take the information that we gathered during the first phase and use a co-creative approach to help our clients DEVELOP strategies and action plans. We get our clients to think about their value proposition in terms of marketplace readiness.

The third and final component of the neuron is the axon. The axon is where the action potential travels to reach and communicate with other cells. The action potential represents the ability of our clients to engage and partner with others as we complete our work together and they choose a career path that capitalizes on their potential, passion and impact.

In other words, this marks the clients’ DELIVERY and implementation of their personal goals and strategies for sustainable success. It serves as a roadmap for our clients to find their path, choose their career and redirect their life.

The strength of neurons lies in their ability to connect with each other. The strength of our clients lies in their ability to connect with others and create change throughout their career transition and beyond.

Contact us, let’s talk about where you are, where you want to go, and figure out how we can help you navigate your career transition!

KONCENTER Coaching Introductory Video in English

My name is Katiuska. I am the CEO and founder of KONCENTER, a coaching and consulting enterprise that focuses on helping our clients through their career transition.

At KONCENTER, we use a variety of tools and resources that help our clients create strategies for sustainable success.

Through a multi-step approach, we help our clients:
Understand their current situation
Clarify their individual strengths
Identify opportunities for development
Think about their value proposition in terms of marketplace readiness
And finally, we support them in the design of short and long-term action plans customized to fit their particular needs.

If you are an academic making that transition into the corporate sector, or if you are currently in the corporate sector wanting to transition to your next role, you may want to consider partnering with us.

We are an interdisciplinary and multicultural team passionate about helping people realize their full potential by exploring the possibilities.

If you want to learn more about the services we offer for individuals and organizations, visit our website, let’s talk about your project and make it happen!

KONCENTER Coaching Introductory Video in Spanish

Mi nombre es Katiuska. Soy la Directora general y fundadora de KONCENTER, una
compañía de asesoría y consultoría que se enfoca en ayudar a nuestros clientes durante la transición de sus carreras.

En KONCENTER usamos una variedad de herramientas y recursos, los cuales ayudan a nuestros clientes a crear estrategias para un logro sustentable.

A través de un acercamiento de varias fases, ayudamos a nuestros clientes a:

Entender su situación actual
Aclarar sus fortalezas individuales
Identificar las oportunidades de desarrollo
Pensar acerca de su propuesta de valor con respecto a su preparación para el
Y, finalmente, los apoyamos en el diseño de planes a corto y largo plazo
adaptados para que se ajusten a sus necesidades particulares

Si usted es un académico y se encuentra en la transición hacia el sector corporativo, o si usted actualmente ya está en el sector corporativo y desea ese cambio hacia su
próximo papel, tal vez deba considerar asociarse con nosotros.

Somos un equipo interdisciplinario y multicultural, apasionados por ayudar a las personas para que se den cuenta de su potencial al explorar sus posibilidades.

Si quiere saber más acerca de los servicios que ofrecemos para personas individuales y para organizaciones, visite nuestra página web, ¡hablemos acerca de su proyecto y
hagámoslo realidad!

KONCENTER Coaching Welcome Video in Spanish

Bienvenidos a KONCENTER, y ¡felicidades por querer tomar un rol pro-activo en su trasición de carrera!

Como la directora ejecutiva y fundadora de KONCENTER, quiero personalmente darle las gracias por considerar a nuestro equipo para asistirlo en sus necesidades profesionales durante su transición de carrera.

Entrenada como una neurocientífica, siempre me han interesado los mecanismos cerebrales y la complejidad de las conductas humans. A través de mi trabajo en la investigación básica, me di cuenta de que lo que en realidad me inspira es apoderar a personas altamente calificadas a alcanzar su completo potencial mediante la exploración de posibilidades.

Mientras usted considera asociarse con nosotros, tal vez sienta curiosidad por aprender más acerca de nuestro proceso. Dada mi extensa base en las neurociencias, y mi pasión y experiencia en la asesoría, me gustaría compartir con usted la experiencia de nuestros clientes haciendo la conexión entre la neurociencia y nuestro enfoque a las transiciones de carrera.

Vamos a pensar en un modelo bastante simplificado de una neurona. Esta neurona tiene tres componentes:

1) El cuerpo de la célula
2) El segmento inicial del axón
3) Y el axón

Comencemos por hablar del primer componente en relacion a nuestros clientes.

El cuerpo celular contiene toda la información, la dirección y la preparación que la célula require para un potential de acción.

Similar al proceso que ocurre en el cuerpo celular, la primera fase del trabajo con nuestros clientes DEFINE la etapa para la planificación de acciones. Durante éste período, nuestros clientes exploran sus fortalezas y oportunidades para su desarrollo. Luego, ellos DEFINEN sus metas y prioridades y las alinean con su visión personal y profesional.

El Segundo componente de la neurona es el segmento inicial del axón. Una vez que todas las piezas del cuerpo celular encajan, es cuando el potencial de accion comienza. En el trabajo con nuestros clientes, aquí es donde tomamos la información que recopilamos durante la primera fase y utilizamos un enfoque de colaboración creativa para ayudar a nuestros clientes a DESARROLLAR estrategias y planes de acción. Logramos que nuestros clientes piensen acerca de su proposición de valor en términos de su preparación para el mercado.

El tercer y final componente de la neurona es el axón. El axón es donde el potencial de acción viaja para alcanzar y comunicarse con otras celulas. El potencial de accion representa la abilidad de nuestros clientes para contratar y colaborar con otros a medida que completamos nuestro trabajo juntos y ellos escogen un camino profesional que aprovecha su potencial, su pasión y su impacto.

En otras palabras, esto marca el DESEMPEÑO y la implementación de sus metas profesionales y estrategias para el exito sustentable. Les sirve como una hoja de ruta a nuestros clientes para encontrar su camino, escoger su carrera y redirigir su vida.

La fortaleza de las neuronas reside en su capacidad para conectarse unas a otras. La Fortaleza de nuestros clientes reside en su abilidad para conectarse con otros y crear cambios mediante su transición de carrera y más adelante.

Contáctenos, conversemos acerca de dónde se encuentra, hacia donde quiere ir, y descifremos como podemos ayudarlo a navegar su transición de carrera.

Introductory and Welcome KONCENTER Coaching English and Spanish Videos
Introductory and Welcome KONCENTER Coaching English and Spanish Videos

KONCENTER Coaching approached Media Academica about creating several English and Spanish videos that would introduce and welcome potential clients to ...