Great Lake Safety Videos

Are you Current Smart? A series of Great Lake Safety videos

“Since 2002, dangerous currents and waves along Lake Michigan have claimed the lives of 57 swimmers in Michigan alone, according to the National Weather Service. To address this threat to swimmers, a University of Michigan-led team of communications and outreach experts has developed a suite of water safety messages and products.” –

Part of this team was the creative agency, Michigan Creative, and our very own Kohlitz company. While the “Be Current Smart” campaign has assets from new beach signs to interview footage with the U.S. Coast Guard and county sheriffs, Kohlitz came to play a role when the call for some lake safety videos emerged.

The series of six 15-25 second long animations, were created to grab the attention of the some times reckless youth who enter the Great Lakes every year as well as their parents. Purposely designed to be very short and straight to the point, so as to fit into teens’ short-attention, social media buzz world, the animations each convey a simple message. Check for safety flags, young people wear a life jacket in choppy water, steer clear of piers, practice safe rescue from the shore, escape a dangerous rip current and as a responsible party, always keep an eye on the water for others.

The rest of the lake safety videos in the series:

Check for Flags

Bea a Water Watcher

Avoid the Pier

Rescue from Shore

Wear a Life Jacket

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Concept and Storyboards: Michigan Creative
Illustrations and Animation: Kohlitz

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Great Lake Safety Videos
Great Lake Safety Videos

Kohlitz helped create these six 15-25 sec long lake safety videos designed to grab the attention of the some time reckless youth who enter the Great Lakes every year as well as their parents.