Applied Fitness Solutions New Client Orientation Animation

Applied Fitness Solutions

Applied Fitness Solutions is different from you typical big-box gym personal training in that they offer a personal coach, personalized nutrition guidance, online tracking and communication with your coach and an array of other services that make it a class above many other gyms. Even their new client orientation video goes above and beyond as it was produced by the amazing 7 Cylinders Studio, whom we had the pleasure of collaborating with by making the animated portion of the video. Like their high quality service,

Creating the new client orientation animation

7 Cylinders Studio already had a great draft of a video and a voiceover from one of AFS’s own coaches for us to work with. Using the voiceover, we created a storyboard and concept, art taking care to include the whimsy and fun the video already entailed. We drew the main character to look like the coach speaking and added our own playfulness by including hard hats, silly text messages and oversized nerd glasses.


Producers & Script // Nate Langley of AFS & Donald Harrison of 7 Cylinders Studio
Illustration & Animation // Kohlitz
Voice // Alyssa Owen


The first thing you should know is that we, as coaches, believe you have all the answers you need inside of you to make the lifestyle changes you’re looking for.

It’s our job to help you find those answers and then organize them in a way that allows you to implement them into your lifestyle successfully.

We recognize you’re the expert on you life and because of that, we’ll be asking for your input often to make sure we collaborate on a plan that actually works for you.

Your practitioner will help you determine what aspects of exercise, nutrition and other health behaviors make sense for you to begin addressing.

To ensure successful implementation we focus on one behavior at a time. Doing this will allow you to build the skills and habits necessary to engrain that change into your lifestyle.

Of course, your practitioner will be there to guide your progression as you build the skills to succeed.

This progressive approach might seem slower to start but as you begin to engrain these skills into your lifestyle, you’ll actually pick up steam over time.

Applied Fitness Solutions - New Client Orientation Animation
Applied Fitness Solutions - New Client Orientation Animation

Kohlitz created this new client orientation animation in collaboration with 7 Cylinders Studio for Applied Fitness Solutions to use in their video for new clients to view.