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Ripple Science Explainer Animations

Don’t just “make do.” Make Research Happen. Conquer participant recruitment. Simplify participant management. Ripple gives your team more time to do research!
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Creating Each Explainer Animation

Kohlitz worked with Ripple Science, a collaboration with the University of Michigan, that was created in order to simplify the management of research participant recruitment and tracking. It was developed to address a critical problem encountered by researchers everywhere: poor recruitment of research volunteers and the lack of affordable tools for efficient participant management. Kohlitz was tasked to create two animations that showcase Ripple’s ability to effectively solve these two problems of participant recruitment and management. Using Ripple Science’s color scheme and design, Kohlitz was able to create two explainer animations that beautifully sync with Ripple’s existing website and branding. And besides looking good for an enjoyable viewing experience, the animations effectively and quickly explain how Ripple Science’s software makes participant management and recruitment a breeze. To convey this message, we used visual analogies (like looking for a lost cat!), motion graphics, animated relatable characters, and simulations of the actual software. Request your own science explainer animation at our contact page.


Storyboard artist, Illustrator, Animator// Kohlitz
Producer, Writer// Ripple Science
Voice Over Talent// Kimberly Young

Participant Recruitment Transcript

If you are like most researchers, the one thing that makes you lose sleep is your participant recruitment.
You spend the night tossing and turning wondering why after posting 20 fliers all over, no one is calling?
The problem is that recruitment is a difficult marketing puzzle and you likely don’t have any marketing pros on your research team!
Most teams approach recruitment as if they were looking for a lost cat when what they need is an effective marketing campaign that is data-driven and leads to predictable results.
But how are you supposed to do this with your current team?
Do not despair. Let Ripple help your team.
Ripple is a web based management tool that facilitates the recruitment and management of research participants for clinical, translational and social science studies.
Ripple gives your team the infrastructure to create and execute effective recruitment campaigns even if they have no marketing experience.
Specifically, Ripple helps you see where your participants come from. Do they come from Pediatricians? Schools? Local Clinics? Community Centers?
Ripple helps you manage all sites and contacts within so you can build long lasting relationships with your sources.
Ripple assists you in creating specific recruitment strategies for each source and repeatable processes so that your efforts results in predictable outcomes.
And Ripple gives you an impressive array of easy-to-understand analytics about your campaign, so you know how your team is performing.
And when your recruiting campaign enters overdrive, Ripple can help you save time through an intuitive participant management system that has countless time saving features.
Ripple Makes Research Happen.
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Participant Management Transcript

So you got that nice grant and your exciting study is finally up and running.
You hope that with spreadsheets, post-it notes, calendars, and email you can run an efficient study.
But then you realize managing your participants can be a logistical nightmare!
Or you can use Ripple—a web-based tool that facilitates all aspects of participant management.
Ripple helps you track all potential participants during the recruitment and screening process in a centralized place where your team can collaborate and organize all participant communications.
Ripple provides you with a simple birds eye view of the lifecycle of your participants in your study, so that you know exactly where each participant stands.
And when it comes to saving you time,
…Ripple is full of automation.
It automatically calculates and tracks the date for all future participants appointments and tells you when a participant needs to be scheduled.
With bulk tasks, Ripple automatically creates tasks based on specific triggers.
You no longer have to send 5 emails to your team assigning tasks when a participant is schedule for a visit.
And Ripple has a centralized cross study registry where you can see all participants across all of your studies and search your database so you can recruit from your own registry.
Let Ripple do the work so you can focus on bigger priorities.
Ripple, Make Research Happen.
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Ripple Science Explainer Animation
Ripple Science Explainer Animation

Kohlitz was tasked to create a science explainer animation showcasing Ripple's ability to solve the problems of participant recruitment and management.