Taper\Range Indoor Shooting Range Animation

Taper\Range’s patent-pending design was developed by a rocket scientist who applied optical design principals to an industry that has remained largely unchanged for the past 50 years.

Creating the Taper \ Range Animation

Kohlitz was approached by Shoot Indoor’s founder, Bryan Stear, after he saw our other animation, Ballistics. As a rocket scientist, he loved how Ballistics included graphics explaining the trajectory of a bullet. He came to us, wanting to replicate that style for his own exciting shooting range animation that would explain his new cost-saving concept for building shooting ranges. Bryan’s shooting range idea, what he call a tapered range, cuts the costs of traditionally built shooting range by a 3rd. He knows this because his own successful shooting range, Shoot Indoors, was built under this concept. Kohlitz was able to collaborate with Bryan to create an animation to explain how his design was far superior to other shooting range styles. Using a motion graphic style of 2D animation along with 3D models of the Shoot Indoors range, Kohlitz created an exciting, yet informing shooting range animation that would get any potential shooting range investor jumping on board.


Full Animation Production by Kohlitz
Music: Justin Smith, courtesy of Method House Music http://methodhousestudios.com
VoiceOver: Doug Myers


TAPER\Range Size to your market, not your budget

One of the major costs associated with building a shooting range is the specialized range equipment. The components necessary to make the range hardened against bullets typically requires a large amount of backstopping and shielding on the walls and ceilings. This expensive backstopping and shielding has always been related to the number of shooting positions, which dictates the necessary range width. A problem that has long plagued the shooting industry. But a problem that can be solved using science. 

Traditionally, a ten lane shooting range would be 40 feet wide at the firing line and 40 feet wide at the backstop.  This permits each shooting position to be four feet wide, and can cost upwards of $300,000. We believe in better shooting through science.  With this in mind, we have engineered an industry-changing solution using optical design principals to build a large shooting range at a fraction of the traditional price.  

Our solution reconfigures the traditional layout by creating a focal point which reduces the backstop by 50% and the ceiling defectors by 25%. The patent-pending configuration also created an additional 1000 square feet of much-needed retail or storage area. Bottom line, the first installation of Taper-range saved the owner over $100,000 by cutting the equipment cost down from $300,000 to $200,000. We were founded by a rocket scientist, and we want to bring new thought to the industry. For a free layout and cost savings calculator visit taper-range.com.

Now licensing across all areas.  Works with most major equipment providers.

Taper\Range  Indoor Shooting Range Animation
Taper\Range Indoor Shooting Range Animation

Using 2D animation along with 3D models of the Shoot Indoors range, Kohlitz created an exciting, yet informing shooting range animation.