Panelcraft Showcase Video

Magnetic Building Sets by Panelcraft

Panelcraft offers the world’s first and only large-scale magnetic construction sets.
Panelcraft is a start up toy company based in Southeast Michigan, that focuses on construction toys that encourage spatial recognition, building skill, motor skills and more. All qualities that make the Panelcraft a premier choice for schools, organizations and families who want to teach STEM and STEAM concepts.

Creating the Panelcraft Showcase Video

Panelcraft, with it’s one-of-a-kind product, is making great headway and needed to show schools and teachers the Panelcraft building sets in action. Co-Founders, Chad and Jeff, realized they needed a showcase video they could use at trade shows and as a tool to share with their distributers, who in turn, could use to show off this need fantastic toy! With Jeff’s script, Dorothy’s Discovery Daycare, Chad’s wife’s voiceover, and of course, the stars of the show, Lauryn, Pyper, Xavier, and Caleb, Kohlitz was able to shoot and edit a fabulous showcase video.


Producers // Chad Richert and Jeff Whittaker
Script Writing // Jeff Whittaker
Video Shooting & Editing // Kohlitz
Voice Over // Lori Richert
Talent // Lauryn Jackson, Pyper Myers, Xavier Jackson, Caleb Grasshoff
Location // Dorothy’s Discovery Daycare
Photographer // Alan Coleman


Click into STEM, STEAM, Literacy and more with magnetic building sets from Panelcraft.

Construct innovative and colorful designs by simply connecting the super-sized magnetic panel pieces together on its sides or corners.

Children three years and up will engage in STEM discovery though building as teachers introduce concepts featured in the activity guide.

Here are some ways to introduce STEM;

Experiment with rotation by testing if a panel can hang or attach from another panel’s side, or corner, without falling.

Build a building with a functioning hinge to open and close the door.

Put on your creative caps to build an architectural design such as a playhouse.

What you can build is limited only by your imagination.

Challenge children to build shapes such as a polyhedron that is big enough for them to climb in.

Add the heat sheet and mirror inserts to explore heat, light, reflection and thermal conduction, just like the pros!

With Panelcraft it is “Full STEAM ahead!”

Because Panelcraft’s surfaces are designed to be used with dry-erase markers and vinyl clings, children can also express themselves artistically.

Write stories and create books, and dioramas on Panelcraft’s dry-erase compatible surfaces.

Each set includes 19 magnet panel pieces and an illustrated activity guide.

Sets come in classic red, rainbow, and Earth tones.

For more information and to purchase award-winning Panelcraft products, visit today!

Panelcraft Showcase Video
Panelcraft Showcase Video

Kohlitz helped Panelcraft create a showcase video for their magnetic building sets. The video is used for trade shows and by their toy distributers, to show