Training Videos by Icarus Aerials Mapping and 3D Modeling 101

Training videos in the Art of Mapping & 3D Modeling with Drones – Teaser

Learn from the expert drone pilot team at Icarus Aerials how to use your drone to capture data that can be turned into maps and 3D models for your clients.

Creating the Training Videos

Kohlitz worked with Icarus Aerials to create 10 training videos that they would use in their Mapping and Modeling 101 course that they offer online to paying customers. The expert pilots at Icarus Aerials were the first to use Kohlitz’s studio space (see photos below!) The studio and shoot that we were able to provide, gave their informative training videos the professionalism that they themselves exert, and which their previous homemade training videos lacked. Through editing, Kohlitz was able to add screen shots of the software they use, animated graphics that gave further detail to their comments, explainer animations to help visualize harder concepts and close up video shots of the drones and models they referred to, all to create an engaging experience for Icarus Aerial’s audience.

This is only the teaser video but if you like to see the 9 other videos Kohlitz created or are interested in learning more about making money with your own drone(!) visit and sign up to receive access to their 20+ training videos.

More about Icarus Aerials’ Mapping & 3D Modeling Course

This is for:
-UAV pilots and businesses who want to expand their product offerings to more than just photography and videography.
-Surveyors who want to be early adopters and integrate UAVs with their existing survey methods.
-Existing experts in mapping and modeling who can benefit from using UAVs to capture data in a cost effective way.
-Individuals and businesses who can benefit from receiving up-to-date actionable information at a relatively low cost.
-Marketing and sales departments who can benefit from showing sites and buildings in a cutting edge way to prospective clients during pitches.

This online course will teach you:
-About the concepts behind mapping and modeling using your UAV.
-Helpful tips, tricks, and considerations to consider while mapping on job sites.
-Different software options used to automate flights for DJI and 3DR systems.
-How to turn the data captured by your UAV into maps and 3D models.
-How to capture data and process it for a wide variety of industries like construction or agriculture.


Video Editing & Shooting // Kohlitz
On Screen Talent and Content Providers // Lewis Butler and Trevor Duke, the expert pilot team of Icarus Aerials

Behind the Scenes Photos

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Lewis: Hi, I’m Lewis.

Trevor: And I’m Trevor.

L: We’re with Icarus Aerials. We’re doing this online mapping and modeling course. In this course,
you’re going to learn a whole bunch of stuff. Trevor, who should be taking this class?

T: Anybody who wants to do more than just take pretty pictures. We’re going to show you how these drones can make you’re a lot of money by collecting data, actionable data.

L: So if you’re in agriculture or you’re in construction or you’re a surveyor, you want to do roofing inspections, you need to do insurance inspections, you’re trying to measure stockpiles, you work on a mine, anywhere having a bird’s eye view and actionable data is relevant, is going to want to take this course. Trevor, explain to us mapping and modeling and what we’re going to be doing.

T: We’re going to go over the best practices from picking your hardware, using your hardware, tuning your hardware for the job, how you’ll gonna flight plan, what software you’re going to use. You’re going to stitch this together, we’re going to have very high res maps, aerial surveys, and we’re also going to have the data to get a 3D model showing all the contours of your land, measurements can be gathered from that. It’s going to kind of be a vertical data workflow.

L: We’re gonna teach you everything you need to know so you can make more money or be more desirable to your customers because you have more skills that they can use on the job. Sign up right, what are you waiting for? We’re going to have a great class, we’re going to be on call for you guys, let us know what you need but you need to sign up right now

Training Videos by Icarus Aerials - Teaser
Training Videos by Icarus Aerials - Teaser

Kohlitz worked with Icarus Aerials to create 10 training videos that they would use in their Mapping and Modeling 101 course that they offer online to paying customers.