Surviving The Seasons: A Video Animation Hybrid

This animation was initially created for the White Pine Investment Company in Livonia but it feels like it has come to represent much more, in particular, the year 2016. To paraphrase White Pine themselves,
“The Eastern White Pine is a fast and steady grower. It’s a tree that can withstand storms and disease. A tree with inherent stability to represent perseverance through the challenges of life.”

I hope we can all be a bit more like the Eastern White Pine.

Creating the Animation

This white pine animation was bit different in that is was combined with video making it a video animation hybrid. We wanted to show time passing so we purchased a time lapse stock video of a hill side. From there, the growing tree was digitally added and the stock video edited in post so that it looked like the seasons were passing (the original stock video was not all season encompassing.) The tree itself was made from textured images from a real white pine.