XanEdu Tablet App Video

XanEdu Tablet App Video produced for XanEdu Publishing, Inc.

Our client, XanEdu, a digital text-book publisher based in Ann Arbor, MI came to us to make a web-ready video that explained and promoted their award-winning iPad app. We were able to show how the app transforms how students engage with content and collaborate with their peers as they interacted with XanEdu custom course materials.

We orchestrated the concept, illustrations, animation, video, music composition and professional voice over for a final product that epitomized the client’s desires.

Voiceover: Joel Porter
Music: Rishi Daftuar



This is the XanEdu App for Apple and Android tablets.

The App provides students with a mobile study experience, from which they can access professor-created course materials.
They can carry less, and study more.

The App’s interactive, visually dynamic features keep pace with students’ digital demands.

Students stay organized by arranging the bookshelf as they wish.

Students navigate effortlessly through extensive materials. The “Table of Contents” allows students to move quickly within individual articles or an entire semester’s reading.

Students will appreciate support for familar two- and three-finger swipe gestures.

Text enlarges with a tap.
Charts, Spreadsheets and Artwork scale up,
making it easy for students to drill into detail.
Video and audio further enrich students’

The App transports students to materials
beyond the page on-screen, like footnotes or supporting graphics.
The “Back Button” returns the student to exactly where he or she left off in the text.

And readers are never without their pen, highlighter or notepad. Underline text or customize highlighter colors to mimic personal study habits and to readily distinguish important content:
some for group discussion,
Some for review,
some as private notes.

Comments are added as Sticky Notes within a reading assignment.

Type out your Comment on a sticky note that automatically appears for your convinence.

Tap the text to resume reading. Thoughts are linked to the content that inspired them. Comments are indexed for the current assignment and across the entire bookshelf.

A Notepad is always on hand for extensive note-taking and drafting.

When assignments call for collaboration, the App accelerates teamwork. Notes and Comments are shared through regular email, coursepack-to-coursepack.
Students populate the readings with their classmates’ annotations,

…to view alongside their own.

Students decide
what they’ll share
and with whom
–they can simply toggle collaborators on or off.

Students on the go and export pdfs to dropbox for storage or sharing.

Students can search for content within an article, a coursepack, or from their whole bookshelf, saving legwork when writing a paper or preparing for a test. Enter a search term and the App generates a list of each place it appears. Tap on a selection, and the App takes you to the exact spot.

The App allows printing from certain devices. You decide what to print — no need to print out an entire coursepack, when you just need a single article.

The App molds to students’ lifestyles, on or offline. They can study wherever, whenever.
No internet connection is necessary.

…allowing students on-the-go to carry a semester in their briefcase or backpack.

With all the materials at their fingertips,
its a snap for students
to complete individual readings,
participate in class discussions,
breeze through study sessions,
and contribute
to group projects.

XanEdu’s iPad and Android Apps!
Change the course.