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Need a Place to shoot video or have your next meeting?

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You can rent our 600 sq foot studio to meet your needs. The studio comes with a kitchen and private entrance as well as the following perks:

Video Studio Rental Ann Arbor Michigan Conference Room Rental Ann Arbor Michigan
•Can be used for interviews, talking heads, product demos and more! •Can be used for conferences, meetings and meet-ups
•Access to a green or white screen, LED lights and video equipment •Access to high-speed wi-fi
•Garage entrance for easy unpacking and loading •Separate front and back doors for easy exiting without disturbances
•A 47" monitor with your logo is available to appear in the background of your videos, adding an additional professional touch •A 47" monitor is available for digital presentations (pc + mac compatible)
•Quiet and yet located in downtown Ann Arbor for easy access •Located in downtown Ann Arbor for easy access
•600 sq ft •May use the small space ( 200sq ft and can seat 6 people ) or the entire back room ( 600sq ft and can hold 24 people sitting )
•6 Professional office chairs can be provided, 6 additional folding
$120 set up fee + $30/hr Room + Bring your own equipment. $120 set up fee + $30/hr Room Rental, large or small size
$120 set up fee + $45/hr Room + LED Lights + Backdrop.
$120 set up fee + $75/hr Room + LED Lights + Backdrop + Kohlitz crew member

If you are also looking for pre-production or post-production services, contact us for a custom, fixed rate quote or email us at

Dual Purpose Retractable Curtains

Need a smaller space? Or a quick backdrop for you video?
With your studio rental you can use it as one one large video studio or conference room, or with the magic of retractable curtains, it can be split into a smaller conference room and video studio. As a bonus, the retractable curtain can act as a white back drop for that clean background for your next talking head video.
Or if you need a quick green screen videoshoot, we can provide that too.
Video Studio Rental with Greenscreen


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Video Studio Rental

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