Animation & Video Production

Kohlitz is an animation studio & video production company in Ann Arbor, Michigan servicing the Detroit area to Traverse City to Toldeo, Ohio. We create explainer animations, corporate videos, motion graphic designs, interview videos and more.

2018 Animation & Video Reel

Full Production Services or Individual Services


Have an idea but don’t know how to present it? Don’t worry, we’ll script, storyboard, create original art & animate your idea, making sure to match your company’s branding and persona. A few types of animations we’ve created are explainer animations, animations for businesses, supplementary animations to video, animations with cartoon characters or animations with just motion graphics. Animations are a fun, engaging way to convey ideas that cannot easily be said in words and work particularly well for technology, educational and kid’s entertainment industries.
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Video Production

For video, we’ll work side by side with you to do pre-production planning, shoot at your location or you can rent our studio and equipment for your use, and we’ll edit the footage, add in graphics, and handle audio, voiceover and music. We’ll can give you fixed priced packaged quote for full production or we can offer these services individually. Video production is good for service orientated businesses or for situation where you want to give a personal, human touch, and of course, for when you want to show the actual product! Such videos are testimonials, corporate videos, product demonstration videos and videos based on interviews or pre-scripted.
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Video & Animation Work Highlights

Kohlitz specializes in short creative web videos. Utilizing video, animation and illustration, these compelling videos and graphics help express clients’ ideas in ways that amuse, inspire and educate their customers.

We’re a one stop shop. We can handle every aspect of production from storyboarding and creating original artwork to video shooting, editing, animation, music selection and sound design.

Creativity is our most powerful asset. Where words fail, our visual work makes your great ideas and information accessible to your target audience.

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We Make Smart Videos for Smart People

About Shannon Kohlitz
Shannon Kohlitz Shannon Kohlitz on the set
Shannon Kohlitz is the owner of Kohlitz, a video production and animation company in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Over the last seven years, Shannon has developed a body of quality work that uses humor, clean graphics and a fresh approach to convey messages. Shannon’s diverse client base includes technology, academic, medical and athletic industries as well as the thriving start up community. In her free time, she pursues her own artistic style of animations. Consisting of hand crafted objects made from recyclables and found materials, she animates them either using stop motion or in the case of live action, robotics to create moving sets that she calls "kinetic sets." One of her short films that utilized this signature style, "A Series of Kinetic Sets Tells A Story," appeared in film festivals in Toronto, Portland, Windsor, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Rockland, Maine and is currently playing on PBS in the series, "Film School Shorts." Shannon is a 2011 BFA graduate from the Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design at The University of Michigan. When not being an art nerd, she practices her jock skills by running marathons. She has completed 12, including the Boston and New York City Marathons.
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